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See You at the Top! (of Google Results)

If you want to succeed in business, it’s absolutely critical that you keep your website ranked on the front page of Google, Bing and other search engines for your niche’s best keywords. That’s because universal internet access and the widespread use of affordable access devices like smartphones and tablets has made search engines the number one way consumers seek out goods and services, especially at the local level. With Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), if you can capture one of three top spots, or at least land on Page 1, your business is essentially guaranteed to succeed. But if land on any other page, it is highly unlikely that potential customers will ever find you. In fact, about 11% of people will click only on the link posted in the Number One spot of the Google SERP for whatever they are searching for. And about 70% will never go beyond the front page. So that means if you website is ranked on Page 2, Page 3, or any other page besides the front page, seven out of ten of your potential customers are never going to see your website. Similarly, if your link isn’t in the Number One spot on the Google SERP for your keywords, you are going to lose a minimum of your potential customer base. So you can see how critical it is for your website to be posted on the first page at least, and in the top spot at best. The Google Algorithm Updates Just when most Internet marketers had Search Engine Optimization figured out, Google changed the ways its algorithm ranks pages. In... read more

Land Your Web Page in the Three Top Spots in Google Results

Getting ranked on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is a zero sum game. If you can capture one of three top spots, or at least Page 1, your website is practically guaranteed to get a lot of visitors. If you are on any other page, most potential customers will never find you. Effects of Google’s Algorithm Updates Just when most web masters got search engine optimization (SEO) figured out, Google changed the way it ranked pages. In August 2011, it launched its Panda search engine algorithm update. The biggest difference was that Google starting putting much less emphasis on backlinks and gave more weight to social approval signals. This shift continued when the Penguin update was rolled out in April 2012. Google’s search engine algorithm originally was designed before the explosion in popularity of social media. In these seemingly pre-historic days – which actually were less than a decade ago – web users had few opportunities to respond immediately to the content they were reading. As a result, a website’s ranking was based primarily on how many high-quality backlinks it had. Social Approval Signals Penguin and Panda changed all that. Now a site’s ranking is mainly determined by Internet users who can “vote” on the usefulness and quality of a site by hitting the Facebook “Like” button, re-Tweeting it, using the “+1” button on Google Plus. Google uses these social approval signals to determine a web page’s value faster and more accurately. As a result, its search engine algorithm relies more heavily on social media-based indicators, rather than backlinks, to determine a site’s page ranking. So if you... read more

The Top 3 Most Effective Free Marketing Strategies

Promoting your website or online business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, most online marketing experts agree that the best approach to attracting the highest amount of traffic is a combination of both paid and free marketing techniques. Here are three of the most effective free marketing strategies for driving new customers to your web pages. Guest Blogging One of the best free marketing options is to find blogs related to your niche and then contact the authors. Ask if they will allow you to write a guest blog. Because most bloggers eventually run out of ideas, in many cases they will agree. When you provide an informative, well-written blog about your niche topic, you can build your reputation as an expert in your field and also include a link so that you can drive traffic to your website. Build relationships with other bloggers by frequently leaving positive, supportive comments about their blog postings. Even though there are millions of bloggers, the blogging community for each niche tends to be a small world. Getting acquainted with other bloggers can lead to testimonials, mutual support and cross-promotional opportunities. Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking lets you share sites you like with other people, such as friends, families, social media contacts and subscribers. If you have ever added a site to your “Favorites” bar on your Yahoo or Google page, you have used social bookmarking. Some external sites use social bookmarking, including Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and BuzzFeed. When users of these sites find something they like — such as an article, a web page, an infographic,... read more

The Many Benefits of Guest Blogging to Internet Marketers

In a little more than a decade, blogging has gone from being something only a few academics did to communicate with their peers about their latest research to one of the most popular forms of communication online. There are now blogs on every imaginable topic and people all over the world are continually adding new blogs every day. It is estimated there currently are more than 42 million bloggers creating about half a million new posts per day. About 329 million people read blogs regularly, with about 25 billion pages read monthly. Get Paid to Have Fun Most bloggers write for fun, sharing their thoughts about their favorite topics with mostly family, friends and people who share their passion for their blog’s topic. But a growing number of bloggers are beginning to understand the moneymaking potential in blogging. And with a market of prospective customers that large, it’s not surprising. If you already have a blog or have written a blog in the past, you know how much work it can be to come up with a regular supply of original content. When A Hobby Turns into a Job It can sometimes be challenging coming up with original ideas, monitoring what competing bloggers are writing about, and even finding the time to sit down and write your blog. If you have another job or family responsibilities, producing your own blog that is published every week – or worse yet, every day – can quickly become more than a time commitment than you intended. If you want your readers to keep coming back, leave comments, interact with your blog content,... read more
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